Seeing is believing, let us help you clarify your ideas.

Using a mixture of cutting edge and existing technology we will provide the perfect solution to get your message across, whether it’s next year’s financial plans or the release of a brand-new product.

We have the equipment and expertise in house to make sure your presentation, video or web stream are seen as vividly and clearly as you had visualised.

At RMAV we understand the importance of high quality visuals and the impact they can have on an audience.

We specialise in high definition screens, projectors and LED displays with a large range of sizes in stock to suit any venue or audience size.

We also hold a range of signal distribution options in stock allowing your message to be sent throughout a venue. Along with seamless source switching, picture in picture and on-stage presenter prompting we make sure every aspect of your event is seen by the audience whether it be a financial forecast or a multi camera rock n roll shoot.

If you are unsure of what you might need why don’t you give one of our team a call or send us message and we’ll call you to discuss the options available.
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“RMAV did a great Job for Blast-Off 2018! We are an event agency from Germany and really appreciated the full-service of RMAV. We had a lot of support no matter what, they had always good ideas and most useful solutions. They organized the complete technical equipment for a two-day plenary session, an evening event with

- Sonja Brain Wave . May 2, 2017