We’re music to your ears, providing audio equipment for every occasion.

Our team of audio technicians are massively experienced within the events industry, having worked on events ranging from local pub bands to arena tours.

Along with the years of expertise our technicians provide we can supply equipment for every situation from conferences to a national band tour.

Understanding the acoustics of a venue is one of our specialities, you can be sure with RMAV you will be heard clearly in every corner of the room making sure your message gets across whatever your audience.

The process of sound is amplifying a signal so we make sure our signal sources are as good as it gets utilising the latest in microphone technology and frequency management we can be sure you are always heard without any unexpected interference.

Keeping your audience engaged in an event can be difficult especially during a feedback session, traditional microphones can be cumbersome and quickly kill the flow of a meeting. That’s why we have invested heavily in the Catchbox, we truly believe it is the future of audience engagement.

The Catchbox is a combination of pillow and microphone allowing your audience to literally throw ideas around. Discover more about Catchbox and other ways of keeping your audience involved on our audience engagement page.

If you are unsure of what you might need why don’t you give one of our team a call or send us message and we’ll call you to discuss the options available.
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"RMAV done a fantastic job for our event, if your looking for top class Lighting and Sound Equipment for your event defo give them a call."

- Barry Smoking Rocket. May 2, 2017